Four in Love: Money Ceiling

What is money ceiling? An invisible barrier we set ourselves that is limiting us in our financial abundance. Limiting thoughts about money; limiting beliefs; judgment. In this episode we talk about how the money ceiling can affect us in our life and where it came from and give some insight into how to break through the money ceiling and attract greater financial abundance.

Four in Love: Relationship Between The Four Bodies and Money

This week we explore common energies and blocks with respect to money; how to have a better relationship with money in order to overcome challenges with money and attract financial abundance. Many people have challenges with money – spending more than they earn and running into debt. Some people feel cheated because of problems caused by money challenges

Four in Love: Expressing Love and Receive Love

Very often we find it difficult to express love and even more difficult to receive love in our life. Why is that so? There are a variety of reasons for this. We sometimes feel we are unable to love or receive love because we feel we are victims, whether of circumstance or others.

Four in Love: Dowsing and Charts

In this episode, we will describe to you how in the BodyMaitre system we communicate with our four bodies, dowsing with a pendulum over a set of charts to identify the negative energies, negative emotions and negative programming that is blocking us from achieving our highest potential. In this show, we will do a live dowsing checking on our Producer’s four-body system to determine what energies, emotions and/or programming are held in his system.

Four in Love: The Four Bodies

In the 2nd instalment of Four in Love, the Three Man and a Lady (Darreck, Kok Wai, Wei Suan and Jennifer) talk in detail what are the four bodies – spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. BodyMaitre is a system which enables individual to communicate with their four-body system to identify the energetic blocks, stuck energies, energetic imbalanced, negative energies, negative emotions and negative programming which they hold in their four bodies

Four in Love: Introduction

Four In Love showcases the BodyMaitre system, a system founded and developed by Darreck Chen, which enables us to communicate with our four-body system. The show is hosted by a team of three men and a lady and they are Darreck, Kok Wai, Wei Suan and Jennifer.