Money & You Empowers with Nash Bhullar

In this inaugural episode of Money & You Empowers You show, Jacy speak to Ir. Nash Bhullar the Managing Director of One Alpha Group and a former Money and You graduate. The Money and You Empowers show, bring on guests who are successful in their field of endeavour while adding tremendous value in the world.

TEDxKL: One on One with Zung

This interview was recorded after TEDxKL 2013, Zung shared his reason for being under the radar prior to this, how he envision the future of Malaysia and his dream to be a ‘taxi driver’. He also spoke about how his sister’s death shaped his style of photography.

TEDxKL: One on One with Kosal Khiev

This podcast was recorded during TEDxKL, Kum Gheng spoke to Kosal Khiev, a spoken word artist and survivor of the US prison system. Kosal shared his innermost thoughts and his emotion of been separated from his family. Stay tune till end and Kosal recite one of his piece entitled The Sound of Broken Chains.

TEDxKL: Professor Dr. Ille Gebeshuber – What is a physicist doing in the jungle?

In episode 4, we have a Professor of Physics from Austria, Dr. Ille Gebeshuber; who is an expert in Nanotechnology, Biomimetics and Tribology. She spoke on her approach to science is wide and holistic, bridging over to biology, the arts and the social sciences.

TEDxKL: Kevin Mark Low – Interdependence and Individuality

In episode 3 of our TEDxKL series, we have Kevin Mark Low an Architect, smallprojects talking about interdependence and individuality. Drawing from ten years of experience at a firm in Kuala Lumpur, Kevin left corporate practice to reclaim old dreams and established smallprojects in 2002.

TEDxKL: Derek Sivers Life is ________

Here is episode 2 of our TEDxKL series and we are featuring Ted Sivers an entrepreneur and TED Fellow. He spoke in the 2012 edition with a talk entitled Life Is _____ Derek Sivers is a frequent speaker at TED Conferences, with his videos attracting more than 5 million views.

TEDxKL: Yasmin Ahmad

This podcast is from the very first TEDx in Malaysia, TEDxKL 2009. It was Yasmin Ahmad’s very last public speech before her sudden passing. We will be pod-casting our favourite talks from TEDxKL in a run-up to the latest edition that will be held on 4 August 2013. Today (25 July) also mark the anniversary of her passing and we will like to honour her in our first episode.

Peperangan Bintang: Bridging the Past and the Future

For this session of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Pak Dain and Tintoy Chuo both on a mission to revive a dying Malaysian cultural heritage, Wayang Kulit. This interview takes us into the heart of the Peperangan Bintang Wayang Kuit project, that is to make shadow-play exciting for the new generation of audiences by adapting the Star Wars: A New Hope.

Incitement: Possibilities Are Endless

This time ‘the Inciters’, Zikry Kholil and Daniel de Gruijter gives a preview of who’s speaking on the upcoming Incitement Event. Apart from that, the Co-founders of Incitement Youth, Yau Hui Min and Judy Ooi gives a little insight of what they do and how it will deepen the positive impact immensely amongst University and College students.

Bawani The Courageous Activist

In this episode of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Ms. Bavani KS. Bawani, a name that many people in Malaysia have warmed up to after a viral video made its round through the social media. Nicholas want to more on the person behind Bawani KS, her personal life story, her drives and motivations as a social activist.

Incitement Growth & Incitement Kickstart

The Inciters are back again rolling! This time, Co-founder of Incitement, Zikry Kholil share’s his Street Talk style with 3 other guests who are founder of Incitement Growth and Incitement Kickstart. Not only that, Incitement has officially gone International!

The motivationMY Show: 2012 Reflections

Over the past week, friends of have shared their their reflections and the lessons they’ve learned in 2012. In this final podcast of the year for The motivationMY Show, hosts Syafique and Sheryl share their defining moments and what it has taught them.

I Found My Long-Lost Dad

On this Christmas eve podcast of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Ms. Evelyn Leong who struggled with a nagging question everyday of her life since she was a young girl, “Where is my father?” We will not spoil the whole plot as we invite you to listen to Evelyn’s inspiring true story.

Conversations with Maclean Patrick

The motivationMY Show host Syafique has always wanted to write a book (that was part of his 2012 resolutions) but as we draw to an end to this year, whatever happened to that? Well, if one is not ready to write a book, then interview an author instead! For this podcast Syafique speak to Maclean Patrick

Incitement: Introduction

This is the introduction of our new collaboration with Incitement on bringing the stage to radio. Helming the series will be the co-founders of Incitement Daniel de Gruijter and Zikry Kholil. Joining them in introduction show is Faisal Saeed Al Mutar. Incitement, a gathering of experienced and aspiring speakers that happens regularly at the Hall of Awesomeness.

Conversations with Achik

In the motivationMY Show, we want to feature individuals with amazing stories. They may not necessarily have to be celebrities or well-known personalities, but they are an influencer in their own circle. Meet Ezamudin Safie, or better known in the Twitter world as @achik_ezam. Achik will share about friendship because he has the qualities of a good friend and that was evident during a recent incident.

Conversations with Syilda Ismail

What does it take to get your dream job?

The right degree, check.
An impressive resume, check.
The right attitude, check!
2000 candidates waiting in line for the same job. Is that a check?

That’s what happened to our guest Syilda Ismail as she attended an audition by a local television channel ntv7 a few years ago. Enjoy this fun episode of The motivationMY Show and remember that everything starts with a dream!

Krushna Prabaskar: The Gift of Blindness

For this edition of Moments with Yellowshorts, our Yellowshorts@Nicholas speak to Mr. Krushna Prabaskar; a blind man with a special talent for sharing his life and insights with whomever he meets.

Effing It with Ezra Zaid

On a table with not one, not two, but three hosts! Sheryl Ho is joined by co-host, Nicholas Chan (Mr Yellowshorts himself!) in speaking to Ezra Zaid, host of Popteevee’s “That Effing Show” and the Evening Edition on BFM. . Ezra voices his own take on how social media now can and will affect everything.

Play with a Dramatic Twist

This episode of The motivationMY Show talks about ‘Play!’, a corporate training programme with a dramatic twist! Host Syafique talks to Joanna Bessey, Course Director of Enfiniti Academy and the master trainer for the programme Amsalan Doraisingam. Enfiniti Academy is part of the Enfiniti Vision Media.

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