The Truth about the Economy with Richard Duncan

In this podcast, Jonathan invites Richard Duncan to share his views on the past and current economy. Richard Duncan is the author of The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures – the best-seller that accurately predicted the global economic crisis that began in 2008.

The Inconvenient Truth about Life Insurance Part 2

In this podcast, Jonathan invites Xeo Lye, a director of an independent financial advisory firm and Winston Koh, a member of a life insurance education company to come on the show to elaborate on their discussion from the earlier podcast to expose the truth of life insurance.

The Inconvenient Truth about Life Insurance

In this podcast, Jonathan invites Xeo Lye, a director of an independent financial advisory firm and Winston Koh, a member of a life insurance education company (both from Singapore) to expose the truth of life insurance.

Crude Oil in Canada: Challenges & Opportunities

With the globalization of so many developing countries such as India and China, the world demand for oil and gas will continue to increase exponentially. In this podcast, Jonathan interviews Patrick Mills to understand the opportunity to invest in crude oil, one of the world’s most sought after commodity in Canada.

The Truth about The Turtle Trader

In this episode of the Wealth Insider Show, Jonathan invites Benny Lee to interview Michael Covel, a bestselling author of 4 books; Trend Following, Trend Commandments, The Complete Turtle Trader & The Little Book of Trading to talk about the Truth about the Turtle Trading.

How to Build a RM10 million Property Portfolio in 3 Years?

How much money do you need to start investing into properties? This week, Jonathan invited 2 special guests to share how they invest in value properties with positive cash-flow with little or no money down. Kam & Dexter revealed some of their untold secrets to be successful property investors.

Creating Pipelines of Cashflow with Purchase of Crude Oil

In this episode of Wealth Insider Show, Jonathan invites Candice Lee; sales director of Capital Asia Group (Malaysia) who had just returned from Canada to share her amazing experience visiting producing oil fields in Calgary and meetings with strategic partners like Sproule & Schlumberger.

The Truth about Currency & Inflation

In this episode, Jonathan invites Dean Arif, a gold & silver strategist with to discuss the truth about currency & inflation. Join top renowned gold & silver educators in Malaysia as they not only reveal the hidden truths but also bringing about how the greatest economic crisis in history can be your greatest opportunity to create massive wealth.

The Truth about Islamic Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham

In this inaugural show, Jonathan speak to Shaykh Umar Vadillo (founder of the World Islamic Mint) to discuss the truth and lies about the Islamic Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham. Over the past 5,000 years history, gold and silver has proven to be the only money that has never failed. In today’s world when paper money is not backed by any assets but merely by the promise of the central banks and government.

Investing to Create and Accumulate Wealth

In this final chapter of Double Your Money, Andrew share some of the most common ways and strategies how the wealthy invest their money and how you can do the same.

Wealth Formula to Freedom

Here Andrew share his simple 2-step formula and explain why most people are either not aware of it, or perhaps not practicing correctly. Dissecting how the rich put the formula to work in creating wealth.

Eliminating Wrong Money Concepts

In this second part of the four part series of Double Your Money, having the right mental attitude is important. However, one needs to understand that the money world is filled with numerous wrong concepts which can cause a person to remain a failure financially, despite the fact that he could be very optimistic and positive in his thinking and outlook. We explore and eliminate these wrong concepts one by one. Among the most common myths are: "money makes money", "no risk no gain", and "there is no big frog jumping…

The Right Mind

In this first part of our Double Your Money series, we will be focusing on human being's greatest and most powerful asset – the brain. Success with money is the same with success in all areas of life; it begins with the mind. Conversely, if one already believes that he will never amount to anything, no amount of knowledge and information will do him any good. Here we explore the positive aspects of having the right mental attitude towards financial success.