Native Customary Rights: Land Grab

In the 2nd part of our series to cover the Native Customary Rights, Dominic speak to Galus Ahtoi a Dusun from Tambunan who has been educating, fighting, inspiring, protecting and struggling for the indigenous people of Sabah since 1996.

Native Customary Rights: Indigenous Crusader

Dominic spoke to Anne Lasimbang, a trained geologist, a voice in the United Nations and the executive director of Partners Of Community Organizations (PACOS), who has been championing the rights of the indigenous communities in the state of Sabah since the early 1980s.

Menara Tun Mustapha an Icon Revisited

In this episode of Red Hot Issues Dominic revisit an icon that came before all the above, to understand and remember the history behind Menara Tun Mustapha or formerly known as the Sabah Foundation Building as completed in the late 70′s.

My Weight My Health

Obesity is an prevalent issue worldwide and Malaysia has the highest rate of obesity among children within ASEAN. The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society initiated MyWeight MyHealth to promote wellness and assist in weight loss.

Business Integrity

Dominic speaks to Dr Mark Lovatt, Manager, Business Integrity Programme for Transparency International/Malaysia on TI Malaysia Business Integrity Programme(BIP) to promote business integrity by the implementation of anti-corruption systems.

Ground Zero of Social Ills

This interview with Dr.Peter Abas discuss about the social problems plaguing the youth, particularly in the State of Sabah. Dr. Peter explains,” If this problem is not tackled head on, will definitely lead the country to Ground Zero.”

Live Organ Donor to Member of Parliament

Our Producer Kum Gheng go one on one with Hoong Ling, a host for On the Move channel is now a candidate for Barisan Nasional in the 13th General Election standing in Petaling Jaya Utara. In this special segment, Hoong Ling share her aspiration for the constituents in PJU and her the reason of her move from being a social activist to candidate for Member of Parliament.

Economic Management during Political Transition

If the opposition were to wrest power, a key question that remains in the air is the fate of Malaysia's economy in the wave of transition. How can we ensure that economic policies remain inclusive? A public forum Economic Management during Political Transition was held and this is a summary of the discussion with Tricia Yeoh, Research Director of Institute Rakyat.

Hole In My Heart

In this interview Dr. Peter defines what Loneliness is all about. He clarifies the difference between an introvert and a lonely person, loneliness and self-pity and idleness leading to loneliness. Dr. Peter also provides practical tips on how the elderly and young could avoid falling into the trap of Loneliness.

An Expatriate View on Malaysia

Dominic spoke to Mathew Bellotti, the Chief Content Officer of Mongoose Publishing on what the expatriate community thinks about Malaysia. Matt gave us an insight on why he set up shop in Malaysia and also providing valuable feedback on cross-cultural management challenges in Malaysia. His feedback is based on his experience and wisdom he gained while living and working in Malaysia.

Drum Your Loneliness Away

Many countries including Malaysia are steadily progressing toward an aging population. While aging is a natural process, its impact can be painful individually as well as the nation. This interview with Dr Peter Abas deals with the topic of loneliness among the elderly who are 65 years old and above.

Dr Peter Abas on Growing-Up

One hot issue that seems to be lingering around for sometime and happens to be of a great concern for politicians, lawmakers, academicians, parents, educationalist and community leaders is the decline of civic consciousness among youth. As a social worker, counsellor and community leader Dr. Peter has this question to ask all parents, ” how much quality time are you actually investing with your kids?”

The Silent Riot

In this follow up interview with Nadira Ilana one of the three winners of the Justin Louis trophy from the Freedom Arts Festival 2012. Her winning documentary is titled 'The Silent Riot', its about the political shadow play which led to the Sabah riots in 1986.

Is Rafizi a Winnable Candidate ?

I’m not sure which political leader in Malaysia was the first to mention the term ‘Winnable Candidate’ Anyway I took the opportunity to ask Rafizi if he is up to the challenge to proof to all Malaysians, if he is a winnable candidate?

The Dilemma of a Political Cartoonist

Kelab Kartunis Independen led by Malaysia’s very own iconic political cartoonist Zunar was at the Freedom Arts 2012 Festival and Dominic caught with them. They were in full force to promote the freedom of expression through cartoons. Many of the members are inspired by Zunar and wanted to develop their skills on how they could express their thoughts through cartoons.

Freedom Arts 2012 Festival

The organizer KOMAS is a human rights NGO established in 1993 that uses creative and popular communication methodologies in raising the community awareness and advocacy. This was Dominic's first time visit to the Freedom Arts 2012 Festival and had him impressed.

The Land Below the Wind

Understanding the history of Sabah’s independence from the British on 31 August 1963 and subsequently joining the Federation of Malayan States to form Malaysia on the 16 September 1963 makes this interview a must listen for history buffs.

Organic Farming and Hari Organik CETDEM

Organic food or vegetable is gaining popularity among the mass as everyone is moving towards healthier living, thus organic farming is also seen as a growth area. Today we speak to Anthony Tan, the Executive Director of CETDEM on organic farming and Hari Organik.

Mother of All Forums in Sabah

On our continuing focus on Sabah, Dominic talked to Ronnie Klassen the Deputy Chairman of Demokrasi Sabah (DESAH) and the Organizing Chair of a forum dubbed as “The Mother of all Forums” to be held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on the 7 September 2012.

Merdeka Then and Now

Its the 55th Merdeka celebrations with a theme of “Janji Ditepati” (Promises Fulfilled) What do you think the mood was back in 1957 ? What about today ? Mr Jiwi Kathaiah share his thoughts and experience.

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