ACIM for Work Life: You Are as You Are

You can only undo your past, by living in the present. Because NOW is all you can be sure of to make a change. You can only manifest your future, by making it happen today. Because what you can do today will propel you to create your future the way you want it now.

ACIM for Work Life: To Know Is To Be Certain

Is ignorance, bliss? Or is ignorance more of laziness? Ignorance means that you are unaware, uninformed. When you are certain, you gain strength. All you need now is to know It.

ACIM for Work Life: Your Truth is What You Perceive

Have you been told that, as a woman, you have to be married and bear children before you reach 30? Finally, having accepted that to be true, you frantically grasp for a married partner because time is ticking? Learn to appreciate all the abundance you have in life and enjoy them.

ACIM for Work Life: You Are Created Perfect

With this idea that everyone and everything is created perfect, you will take every opportunity to look at life the way It Is. Not the way it should be, could be or would be. Instead of sulking about your life, know that you can make a decision to change.

ACIM for Work Life: There Must be a Better Way

Are you not tired of raising your voice to try to settle an issue? Are you not sick and tired of trying to change the person closest to you? Why not stop arguing and start listening?

ACIM for Work Life: You are Responsible for What You Think

Many of you would like to change job, make more money, change bosses, change partners, thinking that by changing the form, you will get something better. You go out trying to find “The One” that will satisfy all your criteria of a better job, a better boss and a better partner.

ACIM for Work Life: Fear is Always a Sign of Strain

Have you met with people who are constantly happy? They come to work bright and sunny everyday. They smile a lot. Many times you wondered why are they so happy, why are they smiling?

ACIM for Work Life: You are Free to Believe What You Choose

Here is what the Course says, “You are free to believe what you choose”. If you believe that life has to struggle and you need to fight to win, that everyone in business is also in competition with you, then “what you do attests to what you believe.”

Introduction Part 2: A Course in Miracles for Work Life

What is real? What is Truth? Is there a single thing that everyone wants, anywhere in the world? After many years of struggling, suffering and striving, would you not ready to know that there is ‘another way’ which works?

Introduction: A Course in Miracles for Work Life

A Course In Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual system. The Course contains three books: a 669-page Text, a 488-page Workbook for Students which consists of 365 lessons and a 92-page Manual for Teachers.