What You Should Know Before Getting Into a Relationship

Relationship Expert Violet Lim, Founder of Lunch Actually and author of bestselling dating book “Lessons From 15,000 First Dates” joins us on the show to share with us what people should know before getting into a relationship.

The Benefits of Visualization with Sasha Bashir

Sasha Bashir who have mastered Conscious Creation in her life shares about her passions and how she has achieved everything from being on magazine covers to producing television. shows and finding time to author books in her spare time.

Women in Business World Summit: Things to Know for Women Entrepreneurs

Jana interviews her team from The Women In Business World Summit (WIBWS), featuring Dr. Annie, Ruth, Zach and Ginelle who are located in the United States and Canada. The summit have lined up Marci Shimoff, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Sharon Lechter, Janet Switzer and world-renown image consultant Robert Pante.

Why the ‘HOW’ is Irrelevant When Creating The Life You Love

Why the ‘HOW’ is Irrelevant When Creating The Life You Love We live in a very left-brain society where the ‘how’ is more important than the emotional aspect of creating and living your dreams.  But is this right?  Is planning…

Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For the Majority

Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For the Majority Conscious Creation isn’t just a technique used to support people in getting what they want out of life, it is a way of living and being.  But for some reason, there are always…

How To Feel Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations

How To Feel Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations Growth is a part of Life; it is something that might be painful in the beginning (depending on your individual perspective) but provides a lot of gratification, fulfillment and satisfaction once we have…

How to Give Your Client the Most by Removing Ego

In this episode, Jana and Monika Wyss delve into some important guidelines for facilitators to be mindful of so their clients can reach their best results with minimum influence from outside opinions. Tune in to see how to improve your game as a facilitator by leaving the ‘I’ or ego out of the equation.

How a Shift in Your Being Can Shift Your Life

In this episode, we look at the differences between simply shifting one’s mindset, and shifting one’s whole being. Mariza, an ontological coach for many years, gets into how when a person experiences an outer problem, it is a reflection of what is going on within them.

Different Ways Teens Can Reduce Stress

In this interview Jana interviews Ula Wyss, a teenage blogger and advocator of positivity, about how teens can reduce stress especially when exams are coming up. In this day and age it would seem that a lot of kids are under much more stress and tension.

How to Awaken the Divine You

In this episode, Jana interviews Umesh on how to *Awaken The Divine You*. Umesh travels around the world teaching his students on how to tap into ‘what is missing’ from their lives. In essence, we have been taught how to be in the world, but in the process we lost being our authentic selves.

Weaving Light with Selena Rodriguez

In this episode, Jana interviews Selena Rodriguez on what a Curandera (a Mexican Master Healer) teaches and what changes people notice in their lives after going through this particular healing modality. Selena also give a few ‘golden nuggets’ for people to begin changing their lives for the better, and in becoming more aware of what often bubbles up from their subconscious mind via behaviours and their interactions with other people.

The Difference Between Intention and Pure Intent

Jana and Sky sit down to have a little heart-to-heart on the differences between setting an intention, and Sky’s main course Pure Intent. Pure Intent, is a process of aligning an individual fully to what it is that is wanted by releasing what is holding them back personally and clearing any stuck energies.

Steffan Vanel Synthesising Astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah and Psychology

In this episode, Jana interviews Steffan Vanel and learns about his line of work which includes his own version of tarot and astrology combined together. Astrology is best tool to see lessons and potentials and look up transits, and the Tree of Life reading supports people in understanding what they are going through right now.

Clearing Yourself For A Better Life And Better Results with Michael Bradford

For this episode, Jana interviews Michael Bradford, an International Intuitive, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, Personal and Business Coach. Michael talked about the healing process, and how internal blocks, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual actually keep us from experiencing and living the life we want to live.

How Meditation Can Support Children In Leading A Peaceful and Loving Life

In this episode, Jana interviews one of The Golden Spaces facilitators, Stacy Lee. Stacy Lee works with children via meditation. While getting children to sit still may sound like a difficult task, Stacy goes into the different forms of meditation and what works best with children.

Going Spiritual with Golden Space

In this episode, Jana interviews Stephanie Ngu, co-owner and director of The Golden Space, Malaysia. Stephanie discusses some of the main things that hold people back in life, including emotional blocks and how The Golden Space, in The Strand, Kota Damansara supports people by offering a space for them to clear their stuck emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

How Can Family Constellation Help Me?

In this episode, Jana interviews her Family Constellation teacher Monika Wyss as they uncover what is at the root of many of the problems and issues we face today. What is Family Constellation and what can it do for me and my life? Don’t let the name fool you~ family constellation covers all issues in the spectrum – not just with family.

A Guided Meditation For the Body & Mind

Hustle and bustle has become the norm for most people~ and in the midst of multi-tasking and feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we sometimes forget that this takes a toll on our bodies and minds. In this guided meditation, Jana leads listeners to a space where stress, tension, and fast-producing thoughts can be released from both the body and mind.

How To Deal With Difficult People

In this episode, Jana uncovers the truth behind ‘difficult’ people and how it is not only the perception of the beholder that creates difficulties, but also how it can be memories replaying in the subconscious mind. Luckily, all of this can be released which then reveals a completely new experience of the very people who once really pushed our buttons.

How To Master Your Emotions

Emotions are the language of the Universe, and when we master them we can Consciously Create what is wanted faster, easier and with less effort. Today Jana delves into several daily practices one can pursue that will help them master their emotions.

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