The Pains of Entrepreneurship

The pain…the pain of entrepreneurship lamented Anthony in the podcast, he shares his tumultuous journey in entrepreneurship with Maverick and Jikey. A must listen for up and coming entrepreneurs what to do and what not to do.

Business Turn Around Extraordinaire

This podcast recap what was shared on the Hall of Awesomeness and more. Picking on Li Kheng’s insight on entrepreneurship through the eyes of spirituality and her role now in Kechara Forest Retreat dabbling with greenery.

Entrepreneurship or Relationship How about Both?

Most of Kickstart Krew previous podcast have been focused on start-ups and entrepreneurship, in this episode Maverick have Joel Brown of and his fiancee to share their take on entrepreneurship and relationship.

Collaboration or Competition?

Maverick have Dave Rogers in the Kickstart Krew show to share his perspective on Malaysia been the start-up and entrepreneurial hub and how collaboration will be the key ingredient in ensuring its growth.

Rock Your Life 2014 Summit

In the latest podcast Maverick speak to Dave Rogers another co-founder of and Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise Winner, Asia Leading Coach. They unveil more Rock Your Life 2014 Summit happening in Kuala Lumpur on 12 January. Listen in to know more

What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

In the second episode,the Kickstart Krew Amien, Anthony, Jikey and Mav each reveal their individual LEAP to entrepreneurship. The shared their inner most challenge and stories.

An Introduction to Kickstart and the Krew

In this inaugural episode of Kickstart Krew show, the Co-Founders give a lowdown on the 4W1H of the existence of Kickstart that began from being itchy backside (that’s how they have put it).