Peperangan Bintang: Bridging the Past and the Future

For this session of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Pak Dain and Tintoy Chuo both on a mission to revive a dying Malaysian cultural heritage, Wayang Kulit. This interview takes us into the heart of the Peperangan Bintang Wayang Kuit project, that is to make shadow-play exciting for the new generation of audiences by adapting the Star Wars: A New Hope.

Bawani The Courageous Activist

In this episode of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Ms. Bavani KS. Bawani, a name that many people in Malaysia have warmed up to after a viral video made its round through the social media. Nicholas want to more on the person behind Bawani KS, her personal life story, her drives and motivations as a social activist.

I Found My Long-Lost Dad

On this Christmas eve podcast of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Ms. Evelyn Leong who struggled with a nagging question everyday of her life since she was a young girl, “Where is my father?” We will not spoil the whole plot as we invite you to listen to Evelyn’s inspiring true story.

Krushna Prabaskar: The Gift of Blindness

For this edition of Moments with Yellowshorts, our Yellowshorts@Nicholas speak to Mr. Krushna Prabaskar; a blind man with a special talent for sharing his life and insights with whomever he meets.

The Kindness Project: One Kind Story at A Time

In this edition of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks with the founders of the Kindness Project, Ng Khai Yong and Chin Xin-Ci. The Kindness Project was started with the altruistic intent to propagate positive energy of kindness amongst the current wave of negative energy on the social media and traditional media realm.

The Law of Attraction Got Us Michael Losier

In this edition of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speak to best-selling author, trainer and speaker Michael Losier, author of the best selling book, Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t.

An Engineer to Supermodel

In the Moments with Yellowshorts show, Nicholas is used to interviewing inspiring and insightful people but nothing prepared our host to have the chance to speak to an inspiring and also one of the most beautiful man in Malaysia, Wilson Tan, Asia’s Top Male Supermodel in 2011 and Malaysia’s Top Male Supermodel in 2012.

Power of 2 – Reon Schutte and Dr Billy Kueek

Nicholas go one on one with two prominent figures Reon Schutte and Dr Billy Kueek in conjunction with the upcoming Power of 2 event. Reon Schutte shared his his tale of hope and determination and prove to you that we have the Power of Choice in our hands. While Dr. Billy Kueek shares his story and strategies on harnessing the same life-changing choices has to make and turning them into life-altering Powers of Change.

Catherine Lim: Always Looking at the Bright Side of Life

Catherine Lim having polio has has given her the desire and impetus to inspire and empower others. She never fails to look at the brighter side of life and to see the good in everyone.

Celica Chew: Rebel with a Cause

In this segment on Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas Chan and co-host Sheryl Ho speaks to Celica Chew, a professional dancer who defied the odds and objections of his family to become one of Malaysia’s foremost hip-hop dancer.

The True Spirit of Volunteerism

Moments with Yellowshorts feature Pavananthan and Ramesh from Action to Mobilize All Humanity Foundation (ATMAH), a Not-For-Profit charity organization that was set up to empower the squatter or lower income communities with education for a better tomorrow.

Dr Billy Kueek: Zero to Infinity

Dr. Billy Kueek is Asia’s most sought after speaker and trainer, Billy is one of the first Asian speakers to break-through the circuit typically dominated by western trainers on an international scale. Billy has shared the stage with other renowned speakers including Emmy Award-winning TV producer and accomplished speaker Bill Stainton, President of the National Speakers Association (2004-2005) Scott Friedman and award-winning keynote speaker and bestselling author W Mitchell.

Wizard and Warrior

In this segment of Positive Parenting, we speak to Ms. Teoh Poh Yew who is an educationist, author, trainer and speaker who has travelled the globe training and inspiring teacher, educators and students alike in how to enjoy and learn Mathematics the fun way, stemming from her own personal experience as a lifelong teacher and parent, Poh Yew has certainly made her mark on the world, not only in Malaysia but all the way to the Americas, Europe and all over Asia; spearheading a movement to enable and empower students and teachers alike to learn & teach better.

Head Honcho of MotivationMY

Meeting Syafique for the first time confirms his personal assessment of himself, a quiet unassuming young journalist and producer; and thats where that assessment ends as this is a very personal and intensive look into the life of Syafique, whatmotivated him to start motivationMY and where does he want to take it in the future.

Swimming Olympian Cai Lin

Khoo Cai Lin, Malaysian National Swimmer & Record Holder In this edition of “Inspiring People”, we speak to Cai Lin who is currently one of Malaysia’s top competitive swimmer and has represented her country to the Olympic games in Beijing.

The ‘Experience Junkie’ Queen

In this exciting edition of “Inspiring People”, we interview former Malaysian beauty queen, Ms. Lina Teoh and she shares her experience as one of the only Malaysians who has reached the top 3 of the Ms.World international beauty pageant and also shared her personal & honest thoughts about that experience and some interesting side stories from the perspective of a former beauty queen.

Obese to Ooh La La

How many of us has always felt fat and could do nothing about it? That we are always stuck in that vicious cycle of guilt, pain that leads to binge eating.

Singapore Blade Runner – a Happyness Story

In our story Mohd Shariff Abdullah the Singapore Blade Runner endured been stoned at a young age and lived in the Changi Airport to become an inspiring story in itself.

Positive Parenting

Job, a divorcee and now single parents to 3 teenage boys will share his life’s story and how he has overcome the odds to be a loving father, dedicated coach and provider for his family.

Dr Richard Teo’s Last Words

In this special edition of Moment with Yellowshorts with Yellowshorts@Nicholas & Agent C@Chris Tan, we will be speaking about the Last Words of Dr. Richard Teo. After we posted Dr. Teo’s story on our FB page, we were very surprised with the immense support that this post has garnered. We would like to discuss Dr. Teo’s messages from several perspectives based on the personal experiences and insight of both Nick and Chris

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