Sexuality and You: Demystifying G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

For this episode of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee demystify and help clear the air on the existence of G-spot, female ejaculation and how pornography can make or break a relationship.

Sexuality and You: Vaginismus, Orgasm and Libido

In the 3rd installment of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee discuss the situation and issues faced by women especially vaginismus, inadequate lubrication, low libido after child birth and how to have orgasm.

Sexuality and You: Why I Can’t Get it Up

In this episode of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee peel away the cause of Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. Most would have resorted to the ‘blue pill’ however there could be an underlying non-clinical reasons and that is what will be discussed in this podcast.

Sexuality and You: Who is a Sexologist?

This is a new segment under our Health and Wellness channel, uncovering things that you need to know about your sexuality and what is stopping you from having a good one. We have in this four part series Dr Martha (Tara) Lee, the Founder of Eros Coaching, a Clinical Sexologist.