Circle of the Dragon Kings: Wisdom of Atlantis

Kum Gheng speak to Sherwin Ng, Founder of House of Kite, teacher, speaker, alchemist, author on his latest insight and pick up from where they left off from Poseidon Speaks. In this episode they look at Circle of the Dragon Kings: Wisdom of Atlantis, Sherwin’s new course.

A New Beginning with the Star Nations

This episode was recorded during Judy’s latest visit to A New Earth and is interviewed by the Founder and Owner Sheliza for the OmniLight show. She share what to expect moving forward after the transition of 21 December 2012, enclosed within is a channelled transmission from the Galactic Council.

Poseidon Speaks: Atlantis and the New Human DNA

In this session, Sherwin brings in more light from channeling of his three personal guides, Poseidon, Isis and Gaia/Bhumi. Poseidon, Keeper of Early Atlantis, tells us more about the sunken civilization of Atlantis, recently uncovered near South America – as predicted earlier this year

The Living Buddha Within

Kum Gheng speak to Pastor Susan Lim an ordained lay pastor of Kechara Buddhist Organization Buddhism and how it is still relevant and applicable in the modern context. We will also find out more about the different schools of Tibetan Buddhism and their significance in a busy and hectic world.

Sources of Joy with Yuen Miao

Kum Gheng speak to Yuen Miao, who grew up in Communist China with Buddhist grand-parents who were disgraced and destroyed for their beliefs. Somehow, she flourished in that place, becoming a famous producer of documentaries for the largest Chinese TV network. She founded the New Century Foundation based in the United States.

Qing Ming – A Buddhist Understanding

A cultural practise since the Zhou Dynasty, Qing Ming or tomb sweeping day is a time where family members pay respect and remember their departed loved ones. In this interview you will learn about the Buddhist perspectives of filial piety, kindness and compassion from Pastor Susan Lim, an ordained lay pastor from Kechara Buddhist Organization.

Understanding Numerology with Renae and Paul

Numerology is any study of the mystical relationship between a count or measurement and life. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs. Kum Gheng speak to Renae and Paul, life partner and co-founders of Renae and Paul Metaphysics Learning. Both are metaphysicians and here to share on numerology.

Access Consciousness with Nadia Wang

In this episode on the Omnilight, Kum Gheng speak to Nadia Wang, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Kinesiologist and Medical Qigong Master from Melbourne, Australia. Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.

Merging Metaphysics and Science

What happens when we combine both metaphysics and science together? In this podcast, we have Ahana Lara and Daniel Nilon to share with us their latest discovery with radiant energy basing on Tesla’s concepts and how it can be applied in healing and charging of crystals.

New Moon Healing Circle: Awakening the Dragon Within

This is a recording of a New Moon Healing Circle facilitated by Stephanie Van Driesen at Heartworks entitled “Awakening the Dragon Within – Making Peace with the Inner Fire” on Jan 11, 2013

Message of Dec 2012: The Gifts this Transition is Giving Us

The Dec 2012 alignments (12-12-12 and 21-12-12) and the cosmic window of 21-23 Dec 2012 gives us some great gifts and new directions. Amidst the excitement of this shift, Ahana Lara would like to highlight a few things that assists us in the transition

Timely Message of the Crystal Kingdom

This is a timely message shared by the Crystal Kingdom on 21 December 2012, the anticipated new dawn of our New Earth. This channeled recording also speak of the future developments of our Fifth dimensional environment in 2013.

Poseidon Speaks: 21 Dec 2012 – The Quickening of Times

The Quickening of Times, as marked by December 21 of year 2012, is finally upon us. And we look to this day as a day of joy and hope, as the Gateways to the Stars reopen to us, and all higher vibrations become available to us. We are now able to access greater capacities of love, kindness, and joy — and creation of Miracles.

Channeled message for 12-12-12 by Judy Satori

This is a special message recorded by Judy Satori,channel of Spirit and the Council of Light and this is an expanded viewpoint to our earlier podcast on the significance of 21-12-12

Awakening with Aurora

In the lead up to the 21 December Awakening Countdown, we had the pleasure of talking to Yvette Sitten, a modern-day alchemist via Skype and this podcast is co-hosted by Sheliza, who herself a former TV newscaster. The prominence of the date was highlighted and also what is to come. There will be a channeling by Goddess Isis, Aurora and Guan Yin through Yvette.

Sunshine Before the Dawn with Judy Satori

Judy Satori was in town recently for a short stay and Kum Gheng had the opportunity to do a follow up interview with her and they discussed on the much talk about and prophesied 21 December 2012. Judy shared her insights that have been brought through by her guides as well as the messages via her book Sunshine Before the Dawn.

SoularFlares to Vibrate Your Soul

In this latest installment of the Omnilight Show, Kum Gheng spoke to Stephanie van Driesen who will be performing in her own show called SoularFlares which will be held on 24 November 2012 at PJ Live Arts Theatre. SoularFlares is a unique and ground-breaking show that will heal and transform, while also being highly entertaining

Healing Vibration of Sound

On this follow up segment to our earlier podcast on Bhajan, Kum Gheng ‘bumped’ into journalist, author and producer Maggie Kuhn Jacobus through synchronicity and dwell straight into discussing how sound and chanting can be used as a healing modality and clearing of space.

The Magic of Angelic Reiki

We have all heard of Angels? How about Angelic Reiki? Kum Gheng met with Christine Core the co-founder during her visit in Malaysia. The podcast focussed on the origin of Angelic Reiki, the transition and how the Angelic presence is infused to the practice.

Bhajan – a Devotional Expression

Kum Gheng had the pleasure to meet Raju Bouchard in Lifeworks, Penang and sat down to discuss about Bhajan. A Bhajan is any type of Indian devotional song. It has no fixed form: it may be as simple as a mantra or kirtan or as sophisticated as the dhrupad or kriti with music based on classical ragas and talas. It is normally lyrical, expressing love for the Divine.

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