Broken Bridges

Nell speak to principal cast of Broken Bridges Colin Kirton and Nick Dorian. Set in Ipoh during the 50’s, the musical centres on two best friends. Ming dreams of a bigger and better life beyond Ipoh. Leong on the other hand is perfectly content with small town life. Will Ming be able to chart his own destiny when his father has laid out plans for him including an arranged marriage & coffee shop business?

Happy Birthday

It’s a glorious morning and its our birthday…woohoo!

We will like to thank our listeners and followers for the support and heartfelt gratitude to our host for sharing insightful and heart warming stories for the past year.

Stephanie Van Driesen & The Light Circle

THE LIGHT CIRCLE is a collective of music artists from various genres, working together to create music; songs that uplift and inspire. Nominated for 2 BOH Cameronian Arts awards for it’s original music concert offering “A Light At Christmas” in 2008, the group explores fusion styles brought together by a combined vision of spreading joy, meaning & awareness through song.

Superstar vs Role Model

In the latest edition of Wassup Mahasiswa, Dayang is joined by Amber Chia, Principal of Amber Chia Academy and Mallory Loone, student from Sunway University. They will be discussing whether youth today should follow the footsteps of the Superstars. Amber and Mallory gave their input on the difference looking up to a Superstar and Role model.

LOL-The Laugh Out Loud Show: Benefits of Laughter

In this episode, we share with you how this simple exercise called Laughter Yoga can benefit you in terms of health, mental well being to people around you and in your companies.

Ground Zero of Social Ills

This interview with Dr.Peter Abas discuss about the social problems plaguing the youth, particularly in the State of Sabah. Dr. Peter explains,” If this problem is not tackled head on, will definitely lead the country to Ground Zero.”

LOL-The Laugh Out Loud Show: Introduction to Laughter Yoga

Introducing a new LOL: The Laugh Out Loud show, a quick & simple introduction to Laughter Yoga, a new world phenomena which is infecting the whole world with laughter and joy. A simple initiative by the founder Dr. Madan Kataria in a park in Mumbai.

Chow Kit Road! Chow Kit Road!

Nell speak to Director and Co-writer Saw Teong Hin and Shanthini Venugopal who plays Dimple, a transvestite for the upcoming Malaysian made musical Chow Kit Road! Chow Kit Road! brought to you by Masakini Theatre Company.

Creating Pipelines of Cashflow with Purchase of Crude Oil

In this episode of Wealth Insider Show, Jonathan invites Candice Lee; sales director of Capital Asia Group (Malaysia) who had just returned from Canada to share her amazing experience visiting producing oil fields in Calgary and meetings with strategic partners like Sproule & Schlumberger.

Live Organ Donor to Member of Parliament

Our Producer Kum Gheng go one on one with Hoong Ling, a host for On the Move channel is now a candidate for Barisan Nasional in the 13th General Election standing in Petaling Jaya Utara. In this special segment, Hoong Ling share her aspiration for the constituents in PJU and her the reason of her move from being a social activist to candidate for Member of Parliament.

Helping Angels: Pay It Forward Through Communication

To commemorate Pay It Forward day on 25 April, Poesy speak to Dr Ethan Becker on the influence of media and communications in random acts of kindness. Dr. Ethan F. Becker has helped leaders of countries, leaders of companies, and…

The Truth about Currency & Inflation

In this episode, Jonathan invites Dean Arif, a gold & silver strategist with to discuss the truth about currency & inflation. Join top renowned gold & silver educators in Malaysia as they not only reveal the hidden truths but also bringing about how the greatest economic crisis in history can be your greatest opportunity to create massive wealth.

Love Is In The Air: Singles Looking For That Special One Part 2

In this podcast, Elke focus on “Singles” looking for that special one. Elke will guide you how to be be clear on what you looking in your partner and the process of attracting your soul mate.

The Producers

In this podcast, Nell put the sparkle on her own production, The Producers, joining her is Peter Ong and Vince Chong both playing the lead roles Bialystock and Bloom respectively. This is the first time The Producers will be staged in Southeast Asia by Pan Productions

Clearing Yourself For A Better Life And Better Results with Michael Bradford

For this episode, Jana interviews Michael Bradford, an International Intuitive, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, Personal and Business Coach. Michael talked about the healing process, and how internal blocks, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual actually keep us from experiencing and living the life we want to live.

Wassup Mahasiswa with Amber Chia

In this special segment on Wassup Mahasiswa, Dayang have Amber Chia to share, motivate, and inspire the Mahasiswa out there to not only believe in their dreams but also make it come true, just as she did.

Freedom Speaks: Love All Serve All II

In the second part to Love All Serve All Chee Wah speaks with Sam Low, Chairman of Edmark Group of Companies, who shared about his life learning curves. Sam started young, being dynamic and yearned to become a high achiever. Later in life, he gained wisdom through understanding the universal truth of love and compassion.

The Truth about Islamic Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham

In this inaugural show, Jonathan speak to Shaykh Umar Vadillo (founder of the World Islamic Mint) to discuss the truth and lies about the Islamic Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham. Over the past 5,000 years history, gold and silver has proven to be the only money that has never failed. In today’s world when paper money is not backed by any assets but merely by the promise of the central banks and government.

Shanghai Jazz Redefined

Nell sprinkle some sparkle on Janet Lee and Tay Cher Siang founder of WVC Trio on their upcoming showcase of Shanghai Jazz. Janet Lee, the Shanghai Jazz go-to-girl in town, celebrates the immortal and beautiful music of the Golden Shanghai in more ways than one.

Youth of the Streetsdocument.location.href=””

Dr. Peter says that in spite of the abuse the youth have suffered, as well as the drugs, prostitution, crime and violence, the kids are still precious and loveable. Dr Peter volunteered at Youth of the Streets, founded by Father Chris Riley has been providing services to assist homeless and disadvantaged youth since 1991.

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