The Benefits of Visualization with Sasha Bashir

Sasha Bashir who have mastered Conscious Creation in her life shares about her passions and how she has achieved everything from being on magazine covers to producing television. shows and finding time to author books in her spare time.

Express Gratitude

When we express gratitude, from the bottom of our heart, we have the capability to do amazing things. Because it means that we not only accept what we are granted, but also that we express love towards it and allow it into our life graciously

Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Change

Change is the only constant in the entire Universe, yet many people fear change and consider it their enemy. In this podcast , we explore different ways of looking at and embracing change – and ways to make change our best friend. When we are willing to surrender and go with the flow, change is easier. The natural rhythm of life supports us and carries us forward. The entire Universe is constantly changing and the sooner we learn to accept and embrace change – the more successful we become.

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Motherhood Inspiring Change

In this episode of Do You Know, Kum Gheng speak to Nadine Ghows the co-founder of Gentle Birthing Group who is also a certified Hypnobirthing and Amani Childbirth educator. They discuss on the group’s objective and the reason behind the celebration.

Keep Laughing

Most of the time laughter can be the key to solving a problem, loosening up or getting back on track. Often, when I find myself stuck in a bad situation, I force out some laughter and then I cannot stop because it just feels so good.

Women in Business World Summit: Things to Know for Women Entrepreneurs

Jana interviews her team from The Women In Business World Summit (WIBWS), featuring Dr. Annie, Ruth, Zach and Ginelle who are located in the United States and Canada. The summit have lined up Marci Shimoff, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Sharon Lechter, Janet Switzer and world-renown image consultant Robert Pante.

Think Big, Dream Bigger

By now it is no longer a secret that thoughts eventually become things, and so the more positive we think, the more positive our life is. Not only have numerous practitioners, scientists and light workers agreed to this, but I…

Women In Business World Summit Hosts Global Live Online Summit

The Women in Business World Summit (WIBWS) starts todaywith a global live online complimentary pre-summit. The online free pre-summit and full summit will be available to women around the world via the internet, including Malaysia and other countries in SE Asia.

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Taking responsibility for your actions can be very difficult in many situations. We all makes mistakes or do something we completely regret afterwards. And then we have to take responsibility for it, accept the fact that we did it and stand up to it – pretty intimidating, right? However, doing so lifts the weight of your shoulders and allows you to move on in life.

Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael The Journey of The Soul

Have you ever wondered where you came from, what you are doing here on the Earth Plane, what your Soul Agreement and Soul Purpose are, what Karma is, and why you have the lessons and challenges you have? This interview gives you the Big Picture of who you really are through time and space, giving you detailed information on many of the questions you have always been seeking answers to.

Have An Opportunity – Say Yes

Have you ever been in a situation in which you are fairly happy, and boom, comes an opportunity? But saying yes isn’t as easy as you thought it would be, because it might bring great change to your current situation?

Entrepreneurship or Relationship How about Both?

Most of Kickstart Krew previous podcast have been focused on start-ups and entrepreneurship, in this episode Maverick have Joel Brown of and his fiancee to share their take on entrepreneurship and relationship.

Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Law of Attraction

Would you like to consistently attract exactly what you desire? Would you like to attract more love, joy, peace, happiness, success, money, ease and grace into your life? The Law of Attraction is a well-known subject amongst spiritual people worldwide, yet few people, regardless of their talents and abilities can consistently gain the benefits from knowing about and using this Law. This segment teaches you the science behind this Law, how it really works, what sabotages and keeps you from achieving 100% success.

Collaboration or Competition?

Maverick have Dave Rogers in the Kickstart Krew show to share his perspective on Malaysia been the start-up and entrepreneurial hub and how collaboration will be the key ingredient in ensuring its growth.

Don’t Try – Do Your Best

From the title you may think ‘don’t try? But all my life I’ve been told to at least try’. Well, I’m going to tell you otherwise today. My motto is, don’t try anything, but simply do it, or at least do your best. And no, they are not the same thing. Will you keep trying to reach for your goal, or have you changed your motto?

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

This is the most used question to ask teens like me, however, I have my own way of answering, because I don’t want to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. I want to experience life differently.

Rock Your Life 2014 Summit

In the latest podcast Maverick speak to Dave Rogers another co-founder of and Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise Winner, Asia Leading Coach. They unveil more Rock Your Life 2014 Summit happening in Kuala Lumpur on 12 January. Listen in to know more

Happiness before Success?

‘I need to work hard to be successful, and then I will be happy’ is no longer true. Let’s put happiness before success, and success will come automatically. Don’t believe me? Then read the blogpost.

Give Yourself A Break

In our busy lifestyles we deserve to take a break, relax and let go of stress in order to find true happiness, but also improve productivity.

Circle of the Dragon Kings: Wisdom of Atlantis

Kum Gheng speak to Sherwin Ng, Founder of House of Kite, teacher, speaker, alchemist, author on his latest insight and pick up from where they left off from Poseidon Speaks. In this episode they look at Circle of the Dragon Kings: Wisdom of Atlantis, Sherwin’s new course.

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