The Inner Warrior in You

How does one shift from bloodsport to spirituality? Kum Gheng talk to Tom Woodfin a Mixed Martial artist with a background in energy psychology and healing, travelling since the age of 18 he spent the majority of his 20s living in the Philippines.

ACIM for Work Life: To Know Is To Be Certain

Is ignorance, bliss? Or is ignorance more of laziness? Ignorance means that you are unaware, uninformed. When you are certain, you gain strength. All you need now is to know It.

The Drama of Life Can Be Interesting

Our life is complex and filled with ups and downs and all that happens are merely drama playing in front of us. If we can view the obstacles and pain we go through in life, as lessons that teach us to become mature then we can enjoy life!

How Do You Know Whether the Candidate is the Right One for You?

Today we look at what voters should look at, is it the candidate or the party as Hoong Ling talked to Lim Ka Ea from LoyarBurok and Ng Yeen Seen of Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI).

Diabetes 101: Uncoat the Sugar – The Treatment

In episode 3 of Diabetes 101: Uncoat the Sugar we will focus on the mainstream treatment regiment to control the disease. We also explore the side effects inherent with manufactured drugs.

Let’s Run with GengKakiLari

At first glance, you might think of it as a hashtag on Twitter but #GengKakiLari is a movement. It started as a group of runners wanting to meet regularly and is now a community of 300. Syafique spoke to Mohamad Azarulazuan Omar, the co-founder of #GengKakiLari.

The Hand of Virgo Meditation

The Omnilight Show had the pleasure to record the guided meditation by International Spiritual Teachers, Authors & Facilitators, Alexandria & Paul Walsh-Roberts at Lightworks centre, KL, to join in the powerful healing energies of the star Spica.

Mother of All Forums in Sabah

On our continuing focus on Sabah, Dominic talked to Ronnie Klassen the Deputy Chairman of Demokrasi Sabah (DESAH) and the Organizing Chair of a forum dubbed as “The Mother of all Forums” to be held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on the 7 September 2012.

Merdeka Then and Now

Its the 55th Merdeka celebrations with a theme of “Janji Ditepati” (Promises Fulfilled) What do you think the mood was back in 1957 ? What about today ? Mr Jiwi Kathaiah share his thoughts and experience.

Calling the E’llien in Entrepreneurs

what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? It comes in various forms and sizes yet everyone seems to know how an Entrepreneur look like but struggle to have a common definition.

ACIM for Work Life: Your Truth is What You Perceive

Have you been told that, as a woman, you have to be married and bear children before you reach 30? Finally, having accepted that to be true, you frantically grasp for a married partner because time is ticking? Learn to appreciate all the abundance you have in life and enjoy them.

UndiMsia! Civic vs Voter Education

Hoong Ling is starting a new series featuring UndiMsia!, this series is to share their cause and create an awareness to what they stand for and inspire you to act. The first part we talk about voter and civic education, why the difference.

Catherine Lim: Always Looking at the Bright Side of Life

Catherine Lim having polio has has given her the desire and impetus to inspire and empower others. She never fails to look at the brighter side of life and to see the good in everyone.

The Learning Process

Bridget shared that it is time we start a new learning process where we learn to know, to do, to be and to live together. We must make the most of our life by taking time to fill our moments with meaningful experiences

The Formula of 4A’s for Healing

Bridget shares her formula for healing – 4A’s; Awareness, Analyse, Attitude and Action. By working with the 4A’s it increased the healing properties of the mind most of the diseases can be prevented and many can be cured.

Deciding What I Want and Getting Started

Jana and Suzanna Khan , founder of Sussed Magazine Online discover together how to decide what you want to experience in your life while exploring the fear of getting it wrong and making mistakes in manifesting your dreams.

Celica Chew: Rebel with a Cause

In this segment on Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas Chan and co-host Sheryl Ho speaks to Celica Chew, a professional dancer who defied the odds and objections of his family to become one of Malaysia’s foremost hip-hop dancer.

Diabetes 101: Uncoat the Sugar – The Patient

In episode 2, we called on a diabetic patient Mr Chew who was diagnosed with the disease to share his predicament and how he has been coping with the condition.

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Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. It would be ideal to start your journey with a partner to keep you company be it your best friend, spouse, siblings, even your business acquaintance that share your values.

Positive Living Through Love and Accceptance

In this segment of The Omnilight Show, Kum Gheng talk to Monika Wyss and she shared how to really live in the moment and embrace the positivity around us.

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