Sparkle on Harith Iskander

Sparkle with Nell shine on Harith Iskander in this intimate conversation where Harith shares his personal story as a father and what is in store as we end 2013 and move forward to 2014. He will be appearing in December Love 3D ~ Divine. Driven. Dynamic

Leaps of Knowledge: The Future of Learning

What is the future of learning? Professor Sugata Mitra 2013 TED Prize winner and professor of educational technology at Newcastle University and Chief Scientist, Emeritus, of the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) and other prominent thinkers shared their thoughts…

Live Your Passion

Find and live your passion for a fun, exciting and joyous life. It can affect life in so many positive ways and it is simply beautiful to have one.

Sexuality and You: Demystifying G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

For this episode of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee demystify and help clear the air on the existence of G-spot, female ejaculation and how pornography can make or break a relationship.

What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

In the second episode,the Kickstart Krew Amien, Anthony, Jikey and Mav each reveal their individual LEAP to entrepreneurship. The shared their inner most challenge and stories.

Walk With Pride and Confidence

By being confident and proud of who you are, you open yourself up to so many more opportunities and great things in life. It is definitely something that everyone should implement by starting with self-love.

TEDxKLWomen: MONEY – Invented Here

Kum Gheng speak to Shentel Lee co-founder of Sereni & Shentel, she and Sereni will be speaking at TEDxKLWomen 2013. The latest edition of TEDxKLWomen explore the ways to obtain financial success through passion with the theme Money-Invented Here.

Marrying Me – A New Musical

Nell put the sparkle on a new musical comedy Marrying Me with Stephanie Van Driesen and Fang Chyi in this podcast. Power packed with six Boh Cameronian Arts Awards between the team, its definitely a must-see.

Against the Wind of Stroke

In conjunction with World Stroke Day 2013, Boehringer Ingelheim together with the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) hosted a movie screening Against the Wind to generate awareness of stroke, and the importance of a strong support system to survivors.

Sexuality and You: Vaginismus, Orgasm and Libido

In the 3rd installment of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee discuss the situation and issues faced by women especially vaginismus, inadequate lubrication, low libido after child birth and how to have orgasm.

The Island by Kwang Tung Dance Company

For this episode, Nell have Amy Len one of the 3 choreographers for The Island. The production is by the Kwang Tung Dance Company (KTDC) with the involvement of 3 choreographers – Amy Len, Loh Kok Man and Jack Kek, to jointly explore the possibilities that such an island can offer.

Love Your Body Image

Your body image does not matter, however, what matters is your mental perception of yourself and beauty. Once you are able to control and change it, you open yourself towards life and true happiness. Love your body image, and everything will fall into place.

The Art and Science Behind Your Signature

In this episode Ahana and Daniel discuss graphology or handwriting analysis with Sany Abdullah who has over 30 years of experience in this field and learn how we can use these skills to attract changes in our lives.

Native Customary Rights: Land Grab

In the 2nd part of our series to cover the Native Customary Rights, Dominic speak to Galus Ahtoi a Dusun from Tambunan who has been educating, fighting, inspiring, protecting and struggling for the indigenous people of Sabah since 1996.

An Introduction to Kickstart and the Krew

In this inaugural episode of Kickstart Krew show, the Co-Founders give a lowdown on the 4W1H of the existence of Kickstart that began from being itchy backside (that’s how they have put it).

Sexuality and You: Why I Can’t Get it Up

In this episode of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee peel away the cause of Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. Most would have resorted to the ‘blue pill’ however there could be an underlying non-clinical reasons and that is what will be discussed in this podcast.

Dear Parent…

This is a letter from a teenager to parents out there, showing the life we have in our point of view and tell them how their decisions impact us. This should show parents or make them aware that even their best intentions don’t always come across this way, and shows what we do want to have in our parents.

Sexuality and You: Who is a Sexologist?

This is a new segment under our Health and Wellness channel, uncovering things that you need to know about your sexuality and what is stopping you from having a good one. We have in this four part series Dr Martha (Tara) Lee, the Founder of Eros Coaching, a Clinical Sexologist.

Native Customary Rights: Indigenous Crusader

Dominic spoke to Anne Lasimbang, a trained geologist, a voice in the United Nations and the executive director of Partners Of Community Organizations (PACOS), who has been championing the rights of the indigenous communities in the state of Sabah since the early 1980s.

The Gift I Call ‘Today’

You think that this is just another day in your life, when it is so much more. It is the one day that is given to you today, it is a gift, it is another opportunity to wake up and make this day worth it. Use this gift wisely and make it worthwhile.

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