Jaringan Usahawan Nusantara Sedunia

In this podcast, we have Silmyi M. Sadek & Manisah Sarujee of Brand Geeks Inc to talk about Jaringan Usahawan Nusantara Sedunia and what is in store for Malay speaking entrepreneurs. Jaringan Usahawan Nusantara Sedunia (“Global Nusantara Entrepreneur Network”) is the first global event to gather Malay-speaking entrepreneurs from South East Asia as well as the world-wide Malay diaspora

TEDxYouth@KL – From Ideas to Impact

Innovation is not a single event or activity. It is a process – a process of generating ideas, day after day. But how many of those ideas actually become a reality? This year’s TEDxYouth@KL celebrates the ones that did. Dive into the lives of these great innovators and discover how they turned Ideas into Impact.

Menara Tun Mustapha an Icon Revisited

In this episode of Red Hot Issues Dominic revisit an icon that came before all the above, to understand and remember the history behind Menara Tun Mustapha or formerly known as the Sabah Foundation Building as completed in the late 70′s.

Crystal Healing with Low Sheau Shy

Recently, I have missed the feeling of pure relaxation and having focus, due to deadlines here, homework there and a whole bunch of stuff to do. Yesterday, I had a beautiful crystal healing session with Low Sheau Shy in The Golden…

Ride a Train and Eat Great Food

Nell Ng speak to Danny Chen Founder of Eat, Sing & Travel People an organization that is currently actively promoting opera music and performances and author of Train2e@t. Train2e@t is a concise and pictorial guide to more than 100 heritage food destinations in Kuala Lumpur. All these destinations are located within a 1-kilometre walking distance from a train station. The book connects you to these heritage food destinations via the local train network.

21st Century Life Conference: Life’s Three Challenges

In this segment of Charge Me Up, we have Helen Seibt, the founder of IDC Group of Companies, who suffered numerous hardships, from being a single mother,suicidal and in debt, she blossomed to a successful woman entrepreneur. Listen to her story here.

The Truth about the Economy with Richard Duncan

In this podcast, Jonathan invites Richard Duncan to share his views on the past and current economy. Richard Duncan is the author of The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures – the best-seller that accurately predicted the global economic crisis that began in 2008.

Announcement: TEDxPetalingStreet – Connecting Dots

In this podcast, Kum Gheng speak to Angie Ki the Founder and Curator for TEDxPetalingStreet. The theme being Connecting Dots. TEDx Petaling Street is the first Chinese spoken event in Malaysia. TEDex Petaling Street hope to spread the word out by gathering many talented Malaysian with such of these stories and give them an opportunity to spread their ideas and passion with others.

Georges Bizet’s Carmen by Eat, Sing & Travel People

The Eat, Sing & Travel People (EST) presents Georges Bizet’s Carmen, an Opera in four Acts supported by MAPKL. Artistic Direction by Dr. Michela Bertagnoli and Conducted by Florian Caroubi. Featuring one of the finest classical voices of Malaysia’s recent time, this opera showcase the talents of Soprano Ang Mei Foong as Carmen, Tenor Dr. Yap Jin Hin as Don José and many other young talents.

Does Food Affect Happiness?

I have found out that the right nutrition and food balance will result in positive emotions and thus encourage happiness in any person. A healthy person is a happy person, always, and here’s how you can make that happen.

Borderlands: The Space Between Science & Spirit

In this episode Ahana and DAniel discuss the research conducted at Borderland science with Thomas Brown from 1985-1995 where he directed and presented the works of Trevor Constable, Peter Lindermann, Eric Dollard, Gerry Vassilatos and many more during his time there

Review of National Higher Education Strategic Plan

In this special edition of Wassup Mahasiswa, Kum Gheng speak to Dr Angelina Yee, Assistant Professor from Nottingham University Malaysia Campus and member to the review committee for the National Higher Education Strategic Plan. It has been six (6) years since the Plan was launched in 2007 and the Ministry is in the process of reviewing it in order to ensure maximum realisation of its objectives upon reaching its target date of 2020.

MENGO Green Hunt 2013

The MENGO Green Hunt is an annual fundraising event, which takes the form of a treasure hunt in the city, using only public transportation.

7 Easy Steps to Reduce Stress

Stress is probably the most common ‘problem’ amongst teenagers and adults. And with all the new technological developments to make communication even easier, so that you can work 24/7 isn’t really helping. However, there are many things that anyone can do to ease stress or even make it work in a productive way.

Why It Is So Hard To Change?

Why It Is So Hard To Change? Have you ever set a New Year’s Resolution, only to find that after a while, you didn’t stick Reviews for mini makes over extravagant cheap cialis canada autoclave). For will and product cheapest…

Childhood Pneumococcal Disease: A Mother’s Story

In this follow up episode to the previous podcast on Childhood Pneumococcal Disease, Kum Gheng speak to Chan Li Jin, the co-founder of parenting2u.com and Erina Asmawani whose 1 year old Aqil succumbed to complications and passed on. The YES to PnD Protection campaign marks another step towards making pneumococcal vaccine available to all Malaysian children to ensure they are able to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

Change Your Mindset…Change Your Life

Change your mindset on yourself or any area in your life and you will soon realise that your life is indeed fulfilling, that you are amazing and can achieve success. Read this on how you change your mindset and what you would achieve with a positive one.

The 6th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2013

ell speak to Yasmin Rasyid, President of Eco Knights and Founder of Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival. The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival is one of the first and biggest environmental film festival in Malaysia. In the last five years, the Festival has reached out to approximately 46,000 Malaysians through its film screenings at selected venues all over the Peninsular. The 6th instalment will be held at Publika from October 11th-13th 2013

Why the ‘HOW’ is Irrelevant When Creating The Life You Love

Why the ‘HOW’ is Irrelevant When Creating The Life You Love We live in a very left-brain society where the ‘how’ is more important than the emotional aspect of creating and living your dreams.  But is this right?  Is planning…

Childhood Pneumococcal Disease

In this episode of Do You Know show, Kum Gheng speak to Dr. Yong Junina Fadzil, Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Cardiologist at Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina on Childhood Pneumococcal Disease.

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