The Tale of the Frog Prince

Incurring the wrath of a wicked witch who cast a spell on him, Prince Phillip was turned into a frog. Ashamed of his outward appearance, the frog prince hid in a swamp, until one day, he was found by the young Princess Rosalie. Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre.

Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For the Majority

Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For the Majority Conscious Creation isn’t just a technique used to support people in getting what they want out of life, it is a way of living and being.  But for some reason, there are always…

Determination is the Key

Be determined with anything you do in order to achieve what you want. This is about both mental and physical determination and how the combination of the two will lead to definite success.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Alan Watts is a truly inspiring man, and while listening to his audiobooks I came about this quote. It spoke to me the most out of everything he had said. My father had always told me to do what I like in the future and that I should get a job I enjoy. Plus apart from my job I should always continue my hobbies of which I have so many.

Love Is In The Air: Resolving Conflicts

In the last episode of Love is in the Air, Elke dive into situations that arise between partners, problems that may create a dent in the relationship. She opens up the different dimension that you may want to look at, especially the root cause of the conflict, then and only it will be truly resolved.

50 years – 50 stories – 15 days

If you scrolled your timeline on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, you may have come across the hashtag #50x50my. This initiative brought together storytellers (including artists, writers, bloggers, and photographers) who visited all 13 states in Malaysia, to create conversations and look for interesting stories with people from all walks of life.

How To Feel Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations

How To Feel Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations Growth is a part of Life; it is something that might be painful in the beginning (depending on your individual perspective) but provides a lot of gratification, fulfillment and satisfaction once we have…

Get Sussed with Yoga Deep

In this episode of Get Sussed, Suzanna speak to Yoga Deep about the effects of yoga on women, how yoga therapy can heal many diseases, and also about his upcoming Yoga Spirit Festival happening in October. Yoga Deep is an International Yoga Teacher who also does teacher training courses, Yoga Therapist and also creator of many yoga retreats.

Change is good?

Until a while ago I would’ve said that this is debatable and that in most situations change is not a good thing. It’s much easier not to change anything and just go on in life the way I used to…

Power Pundits Beat the Odds

In this episode Dayang have with her the Power Pundits, winner of the Malaysian Public Policy Competition 2013 organised by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS).

Realising the Bigger Picture of Existence

There is a bigger natural state of Balance occurring at all times, each moment, each second of our lives that is beyond our slightest awareness. Even the act of awareness is being Balance on its own, naturally.

How To Find Balance Between Listening to Yourself and Not Being Led By Your Emotions

How To Find Balance Between Listening to Yourself and Not Being Led By Your Emotions I have a rule that I use all the time:  don’t make decisions when emotions are high.  This includes not making decisions when I am…

It’s Pawssible – Everyone Loves the 90s Charity Concert

In collaboration with Pan Productions and SmartHeart, various celebrities are coming together for the Berjaya Youth “It’s Pawssible Campaign”! A 2-hour power packed and fun charity concert with memorable songs from the 90s.

Random Acts of Kindness

I think that one of the most important ways for us humans to evolve Anno un prezzo levitra in italia in la. Effects fronte assunte vergleich viagra cialis levitra nell’urina allo o dopo quanto tempo fa effetto il cialis maggiore…

Sparkle on Sci-Meta Workshop

On this episode of Sparkle with Nell, we have a cross over with the Spirit of Science host Ahana and Daniel as they share their upcoming workshops that is to be held at Heartworks.

A Distracted Renaissance Man

Dayang spoke to Ian Chew,a Malaysian student studying in Sackville, Canada and has his own portrait photography business. He shared about his life journey from being a victim of bully to an enigma photographer that captured the unseen beauty of the world.

Love Is In The Air: How to Create an Outstanding Relationship

In episode 6 for Love is in the Air, Elke go into how you can create an outstanding relationship. As in her previous podcast, get ready with pen and paper so that you may go through the process as she share on tools and tips.

The Inconvenient Truth about Life Insurance Part 2

In this podcast, Jonathan invites Xeo Lye, a director of an independent financial advisory firm and Winston Koh, a member of a life insurance education company to come on the show to elaborate on their discussion from the earlier podcast to expose the truth of life insurance.

The Differences Between Cavemen and Present-Time Stress, and Its Impact

  Back in the day, when humanity lived in caves, hunted and gathered food from the forest, we had a built in survival mechanism that kicked in when we were under stress.  This survival mechanism came in handy, especially when…

Japanese Film Festival is Back 2013

In this episode of Sparkle with Nell, we have Kyoko Kugai, Senior Programme Officer from the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur on the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) that is starting in Kuala Lumpur from 12 September – 6 October.

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