Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Change

Change is the only constant in the entire Universe, yet many people fear change and consider it their enemy. In this podcast , we explore different ways of looking at and embracing change – and ways to make change our best friend. When we are willing to surrender and go with the flow, change is easier. The natural rhythm of life supports us and carries us forward. The entire Universe is constantly changing and the sooner we learn to accept and embrace change – the more successful we become.

Power of 2 – Reon Schutte and Dr Billy Kueek

Nicholas go one on one with two prominent figures Reon Schutte and Dr Billy Kueek in conjunction with the upcoming Power of 2 event. Reon Schutte shared his his tale of hope and determination and prove to you that we have the Power of Choice in our hands. While Dr. Billy Kueek shares his story and strategies on harnessing the same life-changing choices has to make and turning them into life-altering Powers of Change.