The Spirit of Conscious Creation and the HAIAH Project

In this latest season of The Spirit of Science show, Ahana and Daniel will be featuring leading experts and research in new and alternative technology. For this episode they have Fernando Vossa, a specialist in energy research, healing technology and cosmic awareness to talk about the conscious creation and the HAIAH project.

Steffan Vanel Synthesising Astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah and Psychology

In this episode, Jana interviews Steffan Vanel and learns about his line of work which includes his own version of tarot and astrology combined together. Astrology is best tool to see lessons and potentials and look up transits, and the Tree of Life reading supports people in understanding what they are going through right now.

How Can Family Constellation Help Me?

In this episode, Jana interviews her Family Constellation teacher Monika Wyss as they uncover what is at the root of many of the problems and issues we face today. What is Family Constellation and what can it do for me and my life? Don’t let the name fool you~ family constellation covers all issues in the spectrum – not just with family.