Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael The Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor Triangle

The Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor (VRP) Triangle is a well-accepted psychological model, which clearly demonstrates the dysfunctional interaction patterns most of us get caught up in. This episode takes you through the VRP Triangle and then provides solutions to transcend this triangle completely so you can be free yourself to create healthy, empowering communication, connections and relationships with yourself and others.

Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Change

Change is the only constant in the entire Universe, yet many people fear change and consider it their enemy. In this podcast , we explore different ways of looking at and embracing change – and ways to make change our best friend. When we are willing to surrender and go with the flow, change is easier. The natural rhythm of life supports us and carries us forward. The entire Universe is constantly changing and the sooner we learn to accept and embrace change – the more successful we become.

Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael The Journey of The Soul

Have you ever wondered where you came from, what you are doing here on the Earth Plane, what your Soul Agreement and Soul Purpose are, what Karma is, and why you have the lessons and challenges you have? This interview gives you the Big Picture of who you really are through time and space, giving you detailed information on many of the questions you have always been seeking answers to.

The Art of NLP: Breaking Limiting Beliefs For Investing

In the latest instalment of the Art of NLP, Andreas speak to Terence Teoh, who is the director of Beyond Insights. Terence is also one of Asia Mind Dynamics’ NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coaches. While consciously, we might attempt to become wealthy, limiting beliefs that operate at a below-conscious level prevent us from reaching this goal.

Freedom Speaks: Creating Authentic Wealth with Florence Lam I

For eleven years, hoping to gain greater recognition and making more money, Florence Lam hopped from one job to another, with each job not lasting more than two years. Finally, out of exasperation, she decided to start her own financial consultancy business. In the first five years, she worked so hard, chasing successes and more money. She was basking in the glory of status recognition and star achievements (now, she calls them “stuff”).

Bawani The Courageous Activist

In this episode of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Ms. Bavani KS. Bawani, a name that many people in Malaysia have warmed up to after a viral video made its round through the social media. Nicholas want to more on the person behind Bawani KS, her personal life story, her drives and motivations as a social activist.