Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael The Journey of The Soul

Have you ever wondered where you came from, what you are doing here on the Earth Plane, what your Soul Agreement and Soul Purpose are, what Karma is, and why you have the lessons and challenges you have? This interview gives you the Big Picture of who you really are through time and space, giving you detailed information on many of the questions you have always been seeking answers to.

Love Is In The Air: Commitment in an Intimate Relationship

When Elke did a quick search on the internet, she found mostly headlines like “How do you get your man to commit”, or “How to tell if he is Commitment Phobic”. Nowhere can be found what it is that women want men to commit to and the picture what was painted is it’s all about the signature on a marriage certificate.

Stephanie Van Driesen & The Light Circle

THE LIGHT CIRCLE is a collective of music artists from various genres, working together to create music; songs that uplift and inspire. Nominated for 2 BOH Cameronian Arts awards for it’s original music concert offering “A Light At Christmas” in 2008, the group explores fusion styles brought together by a combined vision of spreading joy, meaning & awareness through song.