Helping Angels: What’s Your Style of Compassion

In this episode, Ngai Yuen, an all round creative leader, award winning director, actor, mother of 4 and head of Kakiseni, opens up to share her thoughts with us. Listen to their refreshing chat about lacking kindness and how life has brought compassion into their path, also covering different styles of practising compassion and how sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind.

Helping Angels: The Best and Worst of Random Acts

Poesy first read Tessie Lim’s articles and was highly intrigued to learn from her. They met and Tessie became Poesy’s mentor. In this episode their conversation revolves around the best states to generating kindness, the practice of idiot compassion, how to avoid our good deeds from backfiring by applying wisdom into our acts of compassion.

Helping Angels: From Green to Bald

Poesy met Matthias Gelber back in 2008, after observing his work, Poesy was inspired to bring Helping Angels to a greener pasture, thus adopting new standards that were kinder to Mother Earth. In this episode Poesy also reveal her personal game-changing leadership decision which she has not been shared in other medias.