Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Law of Attraction

Would you like to consistently attract exactly what you desire? Would you like to attract more love, joy, peace, happiness, success, money, ease and grace into your life? The Law of Attraction is a well-known subject amongst spiritual people worldwide, yet few people, regardless of their talents and abilities can consistently gain the benefits from knowing about and using this Law. This segment teaches you the science behind this Law, how it really works, what sabotages and keeps you from achieving 100% success.

Things To Help Your Conscious Creations Along

Jana delves into the nitty-gritty distinctions dealing with the Law of Attraction, and in the 3 keys to being in alignment with your creations. Highlighting some tips and tricks to keep your emotions in check so you can manifest more of what is desired, instead of what isn’t desired, Jana also talks a bit about being impatient with your creations, or wanting them to manifest more quickly. How do we manifest something when we are feeling impatient and wanting to rush our creations? Tune in now!