Stephanie Van Driesen & The Light Circle

THE LIGHT CIRCLE is a collective of music artists from various genres, working together to create music; songs that uplift and inspire. Nominated for 2 BOH Cameronian Arts awards for it’s original music concert offering “A Light At Christmas” in 2008, the group explores fusion styles brought together by a combined vision of spreading joy, meaning & awareness through song.

How Can Family Constellation Help Me?

In this episode, Jana interviews her Family Constellation teacher Monika Wyss as they uncover what is at the root of many of the problems and issues we face today. What is Family Constellation and what can it do for me and my life? Don’t let the name fool you~ family constellation covers all issues in the spectrum – not just with family.

Freedom Speaks: Creating Authentic Wealth with Florence Lam I

For eleven years, hoping to gain greater recognition and making more money, Florence Lam hopped from one job to another, with each job not lasting more than two years. Finally, out of exasperation, she decided to start her own financial consultancy business. In the first five years, she worked so hard, chasing successes and more money. She was basking in the glory of status recognition and star achievements (now, she calls them “stuff”).